Student Loan Debt-Know Your Options with Christie Arkovich

Paying off student loan debt can take years or even decades. That debt can act as an anchor that weighs you down financially. And if you’re struggling with student loan debt, you’re not the only one – there are some alarming statistics that reveal the extent of the student loan debt problem in this country. Currently, 45 million Americans owe student loan debt, and collectively, they owe 1.56 trillion dollars. What’s more, 11.5% of student loans are 90 or more days delinquent or in default. For those people, achieving the financial life of their dreams will be difficult until they get the debt under control. 

Today’s guest, Christie Arkovich, is a student loan debt attorney in Tampa Bay. She specializes in representing borrowers who are struggling with student loans. Listen in to hear what she has to say about federal and private loans, options for people who are delinquent or in default on their loan, and how a student loan lawyer may be able to help borrowers who are struggling. 

Topics Discussed in This Episode: 

  • The impact student loan debt has on the economy
  • The types of student loans available to borrowers
  • When private loans are necessary
  • What makes someone ineligible for federal loans
  • Differences between federal and private loans
  • Borrower’s options when they’re delinquent or in default
  • Options that can help borrowers avoid default
  • Christie’s lawsuit against Navient
  • What student loan servicers do
  • How the student loan debt crisis compares to the housing crisis 

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Christie Arkovich

The Student Loan Lawyer


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