How To Finance a Car Even If You’re In Bankruptcy-With David Roberts

Bankruptcy can be a way out for people struggling with debt. However, many people in that position fear the possibility of losing their vehicle or being unable to finance a vehicle after they file for bankruptcy. Since people depend on their vehicles for so many things, from getting to work to taking care of their kids, this fear can prevent people from filing for bankruptcy even when it might benefit them to do so.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear an interview with David Roberts. David is the president of Automotive Fresh Start Center, a business dedicated to helping its customers finance vehicles post-bankruptcy. During the interview, David talks about extended warranties, zero money down deals, and “buy here, pay here” dealerships. Listen in to find how David’s business is different and how it helps buyers who are in bankruptcy or struggling with debt.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • David’s history in the car business
  • Why David hates the car business
  • Why you should research online
  • How dealerships make money from extended warranties
  • When extended warranties are good
  • What kind of credit score someone needs for a car loan
  • Why auto financing sometimes doesn’t go through even after the buyer has been told they have a loan approved
  • How quickly new cars depreciate in value
  • What Automotive Fresh Start Center is and what they do
  • The difference between a Chapter 7 and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy when it comes to financing a vehicle
  • Whether down payments are required for Automotive Fresh Start customers
  • How Automotive Fresh Start is able to offer the deals they do to buyers in bankruptcy
  • What kinds of interest rates Automotive Fresh Start customers can get
  • How “buy here, pay here” dealerships operate
  • What types of cars Automotive Fresh Start Center sells
  • Which areas David’s clients come from
  • What kind of documentation David’s clients need
  • Other ways David’s business helps customers recover from bankruptcy
  • How people can learn more about David’s business

Links and Resources:

David Roberts

Automotive Fresh Start Center

Automotive Fresh Start Center on Facebook

Call Automotive Fresh Start Center at: 1-800-848-5830


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